IELTS Preparation Workshops in  Nairobi

Are you registered for an upcoming IELTS exam?

Your IELTS test results are important to you, so it makes sense to prepare with the experts.

British Council Nairobi offers IELTS Preparation workshops for all registered IELTS candidates for Academic, General Training , IELTS UKVI, and  IELTS Life Skills modules. IELTS is the world’s most popular English test for university studies, work and immigration. Our IELTS courses concentrate on exam techniques and strategy.  We run IELTS preparatory courses, workshops, seminars and mock tests covering all four skill areas: Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking. The aim is to maximise performance in the exam by familiarising participants with the format of the exam, as well as developing essential exam skills via strategy training and practice activities. We have over 75 years’ experience in English language teaching. Take a course with us and you can be confident that you will be taught by highly qualified English specialists, wherever you are in the world. 

  • Exam familiarisation: looking at the content and formats of the different papers and an explanation of the evaluation criteria.
  • Strategy training: analysis of the different question types, advice on how best to approach the questions in all four papers and specific techniques to tackle different question types and exam tasks.
  • Exam Practice timed simulation activities: particular emphasis on reading and writing, including presentation of arguments and feedback on common errors.
  • 8 hours of workshop preparation to cover  the foundation, logic and reasoning behind the questions in the exam
  • Get introduced to the format of tasks that are common in the exam
  • Our interactive workshops focus on exploring appropriate response strategies as well as giving advice, tips and practice opportunities
  • All four sections of the exam will be covered – Speaking, Listening, Reading and Writing

 *Fee includes lunch and refreshments

Improve your English with professional teachers from the British Council.

Workshop Venue

All the IELTS Preparation workshops will be held at the British Council , 5 Upper Hill Road Nairobi 

Dates and Timings

The  IELTS Preparation workshops are held twice a month on Saturdays .

The workshops run from 9.00 am -  4.00 pm

Please see workshop dates for 2017 below :                                           

JANUARY                7             14       

FEBRUARY             4             18

MARCH                   11           25

APRIL                      1             15

MAY                         6             27

JUNE                       4             18

JULY                       1              22

AUGUST                 5               9





Registration and Fees

Workshop Fees : Kes 12,000  

  • Payments should be made at Standard Chartered bank - any branch.
  • Please deposit Cash only (we do not accept cheques).
  • Kindly note that we do not accept Mpesa Payments or direct ATM deposits. 
  • Payments made by bank transfer must include bank charges and will need to be cleared before your application is confirmed.
  • Use the British Council Virtual Account Deposit Slips available in all Standard Chartered bank branches to make your payment  

Follow the instructions below to complete the virtual account deposit slip:

  1. Ensure that your full candidate name is clearly indicated in the student name section. 
  2. Candidates are required to bring their Original Kenyan ID  or  original and valid passport. Kindly note that if you do not hold a Kenyan ID you must bring your country's original and valid passport with you on your exam day (We do not accept Alien ID cards).Your name on the bank slip must match this document
  3. Please note that all exams have a reference code already printed after the exam name e.g. for IELTS Workshop , the reference code printed already on the slip is 99182 (subject reference code)
  4. In the ‘select the appropriate exam and indicate ID number of candidate in boxes’ field first tick the box of the exam that you are taking
  5. After the subject reference code, enter the code for month of exam (refer to the table below) followed by the full number of the document that you registered with, that is, your ID / Passport number as indicated above (kindly complete filling all the boxes with your document number even if the number of boxes in the field are not enough)
  6. For example if you’re registering for May IELTS Preparation Workshop, with a passport number of A1234567 you will add 021234567 in the blank boxes at the subject reference code for your exam choice. For example for IELTS Preparation Workshop , the subject reference code is 99182 and already printed on the bank slip so you will write i.e. 99182021234567 – ie the subject reference code is already there for IELTS Workshop 99182, then you write in the month of your workshop  (for May it is 02) and then you write in the passport / ID number ie 99177021234567 (do not add the letter from your passport)
  7. Note: It is important to enter correct information in the fields to prevent delays with tracking your payment.
  8. Kindly note that you are still required to bring in the yellow slip copy to British Council to complete your registration. This needs to be submitted by the deadlines for your workshop. Contact the Customer Services Team at British Council Nairobi for any further queries – Tel 020 283 6000 / 0732 117 000

Make your payment and Email Us or call us ( 020 2836000)  to finalize your registration 

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