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Intercultural Fluency

Intercultural Fluency training courses are specially designed to equip today’s workforces with the knowledge, tools and strategies they need to become more effective in working in diverse environments across cultures. 

It’s not just your business skills that do the talking

The Intercultural Fluency programme is a suite of six practical, face-to-face training courses from Foundation to Leadership level, available in flexible packages and tailorable for a wide range of audiences. 

Whether you’ve started a new role in an international organisation, regularly engage with a multicultural client base or manage a team of people from various cultures performing at your best in different cultural contexts requires more than just business know-how. 

Make an instant impression in your role by learning the skills and techniques you need to succeed in new and diverse environments – the definitive skills in today’s global workplace.The British Council’s Intercultural Fluency Essentials course prepares you to navigate different contexts, by giving you a deeper understanding of how culture affects behaviour, and teaching you how to adapt your communications to engage with people from different cultures.


The benefits

Employers globally now rank intercultural skills more highly than technical skills in terms of importance for their business. Intercultural Fluency training improves the employability of people by equipping them with the skills that are quickly becoming essential for the global workplace. 

Discover how to anticipate and avoid potential pitfalls of working across cultures, and build the confidence to communicate effectively with people from diverse backgrounds. Thrive in your working environment, build relationships fast, and earn the trust and appreciation of your colleagues. Let your true professionalism shine through, no matter where your career takes you.


If you want to know more about our Intercultural Fluency Essentials course, visit our website, click here to learn more.

About the British Council

With over 80 years of unrivalled experience in cultural relations and daily intercultural engagement across the globe, the British Council is ideally placed to offer high quality Intercultural Fluency products. The training courses have been developed in collaboration with our expert staff around the world and draw directly on our world leading experience of working across cultures and in complex environments globally.