East Africa Creative Economy –  Scoping Reports

The British Council commissioned a scoping study on the state of the Arts in East Africa focusing on Creative Economy, Music and Visual Arts. The countries scoped were Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda and Ethiopia with a variety of stakeholders taking part including but not limited to commentators and cultural enthusiasts participating in this exercise. The exercise has since produced three detailed and eagerly anticipated reports.

The scoping studies informed the creation of the East Africa Arts programme, the British Council’s framework for working between Kenya, Ethiopia, Rwanda, South Sudan, Sudan, Tanzania, Uganda, and the UK. With the first grant programme live on July 1st 2016, the East Africa Arts programme: connects new audiences to new art, shares skills of creatives, and ignites partnerships between the creative sectors of the UK and East Africa.

The East Africa Arts programme has built on the strong legacy of the British Council arts programme, which included WaPI (Words and Pictures), Creative Enterprise, Culture Shift and Bring the Noize. These programmes provided a platform to some of Kenya and East Africa’s leading cultural actors and artists, such as Kenyan Hip-Hop artist; Octopizzo, East Africa’s leading boy-band; Sauti Sol, and founder of Blankets & Wine; Muthoni the Drummer Queen.

Read more on the 3 reports below:

  1. Visual Arts Scoping Report 
  2. Creative Economy Scoping Report
  3. Music Scoping Report

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