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British Council Kenya offers you a wide array of  Professional Development Training opportunities this month . Our approach is practical, experiential and highly enjoyable; ensuring maximum impact in the workplace. We have  more than 75 years’ experience in teaching and training worldwide. We develop cutting edge content in our centres of excellence and adapt it to meet local aspirations. 

Our interactive approach is highly regarded and feedback from participants is extremely positive. Our team is highly experienced both locally and internationally. As well as qualifications and accreditation, they have expertise garnered from a rich variety of organisational backgrounds and roles.

Register below and benefit from our cutting edge content. 

Written Communication Skills - 5-6 September

How many of your emails and letters are actually read by your customers or colleagues? Bad writing causes confusion and costs money. You need to write effectively to achieve the results you want. This programme will help you to utilize the best writing techniques to control the language you use and develop the skills necessary to implement an effective approach to writing.

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Training of Trainers - 14-15 September

It is one thing to have the qualifications and expertise of a subject and quite another to be able to transfer your knowledge to an audience effectively! Many trainers lose the interest and respect of their audience despite their superior knowledge of the subject because they lack the skills to connect with their participants. This advanced level course equips you to examine the training needs of your team, design appropriate training and develop the skills necessary to change group behaviour and enhance performance.

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Team Building - 20-21 September

The authoritarian management style doesn’t work anymore. Managers need to empower their team and utilise every available talent to meet the expectations of their customers and stakeholders. This programme will help managers create a work environment where their team can work most effectively together and develop the skills necessary to get the most from their team and to lead by example.

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Personal Effectiveness - 26-27 September

  • By the end of this course, you will be able to:
  • Execute critical priorities with laser-like focus and careful planning
  • End self-defeating behaviour and gain the necessary security you need to change
  • Develop strong relationships based on mutual trust
  • Be prepared to deal with difficult circumstances before they happen
  • Know how to increase team engagement, morale, and collaboration
  • Apply a framework for developing core values and creating a highly effective culture
  • Recognize how to develop high-potential leaders who model competence and character

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