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British Council Kenya offers you a wide array of  Professional Development Training opportunities this month . Our approach is practical, experiential and highly enjoyable; ensuring maximum impact in the workplace. We have  more than 75 years’ experience in teaching and training worldwide. We develop cutting edge content in our centres of excellence and adapt it to meet local aspirations. 

Our interactive approach is highly regarded and feedback from participants is extremely positive. Our team is highly experienced both locally and internationally. As well as qualifications and accreditation, they have expertise garnered from a rich variety of organisational backgrounds and roles.

Register below and benefit from our cutting edge content. 

Written Communication Skills - 4-5 July

How many of your emails and letters are actually read by your customers or colleagues? Bad writing causes confusion and costs money. You need to write effectively to achieve the results you want. This programme will help you to utilize the best writing techniques to control the language you use and develop the skills necessary to implement an effective approach to writing.

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Presentation Skills and Public Speaking - 6-7 July

Do you want your audience to remember you after making a presentation? Do you want to elicit positive responses and desired action from your audience ? Identify what makes a good presentation, analyse and address your audience, prepare the content, structure and match it to the audience, get tools on how to begin and end with a bang, enliven  presentations, add feelings to  words, emphasise on words, body language and handle questions

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Sales and Negotiation Skills - 11-13 July

The changing business landscape and an ever increasing product similarity require good negotiators. Benefits of being skilled in negotiation are enjoyed by both the individual (career enhancement) and the organisation (activity / bottom line).

Learning negotiation skills develops better employees: they become more effective in whatever capacity they are in. They become better problem solvers, persuaders and learn how to navigate their way through conflict and disputes with greater ease - accomplishing better business results as a result. 

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Email Etiquette - 14 July

In this age of technology, email is the preferred and often most efficient form of communication, yet many organizations overlook putting a policy into place regarding the etiquette that should be followed by all staff. Learning about standard email etiquette provides participants the skills and techniques necessary for managing emails professionally, and writing emails with clarity and proper structures to avoid misinterpretations and miscommunication among staff and clients.    

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Intercultural Relations Communication - 17 July

Good relationships are at the heart of good business. From first impressions to lasting partnerships, successful business in today’s globally interconnected world is all about effective intercultural engagement.


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Successful Interviews - 19-20 July

Unemployed and looking for work? Have you agonised over how to structure your CV or what to say at interviews? This training provides participants with skills of building an effective CV and having successful interviews. It is aimed at those who wish to prepare for the job market for the first time and also at people who
are considering a career change.

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