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The TGSS 2016 applications have been deferred, please check the Tullow website for  further announcements. Thank you

What is the Tullow Group Scholarship Scheme

 The Tullow Group Scholarship Scheme began in 2011 in Ghana. It has since been expanded to ten countries in Sub-Saharan Africa, including Kenya.

The British Council administers the scholarship programme on behalf of Tullow Group in the countries where it operates. The scholarships are for Masters-level students wishing to study in the UK.

The intention is that the scholarships will support local skills development especially, but not exclusively, for the oil and gas industries.

The scholarship currently covers Ghana, Uganda, Ethiopia, Kenya, Gabon, Cote d’ Ivoire, Congo Brazzaville, Uruguay, Guyana, Mauritania, Ivory Coast, Suriname and is globally coordinated by the British Council Ghana Office.

The Tullow Group Scholarship in Kenya

In 2012 and 2013, 10 scholars from Kenya received Tullow Group Scholarships each year and were enrolled in various leading UK universities, including Robert Gordon University, London South Bank University, University of Nottingham, Abertay Dundee, Reading, Portsmouth, Kent,  Manchester, South Wales, Newcastle, Cardiff, Surrey, Dundee, Abertay, Leeds and Strathclyde

From 2014 onwards , the number of scholarships was increased from 10 to 30. The lucky beneficiaries from Kenya will get the opportunity to further their education in various sectors relating to the Oil and Gas Industry.

The successful scholars enrol in a variety of academic disciplines including Oil and Gas Law, Oil and Gas Law, Taxation, Environmental Sustainability, Oil and Gas Engineering, Oil and Gas Finance and Economics. 

The aim of Tullow Group Scholarship Scheme (TGSS) is to build capacity in areas where Tullow’s host countries experience significant skills gaps and to address Tullow’s aim of supporting long-term socio-economic development in countries where it operates. The scholarship is aimed at scholars who show commitment to contribute to their home countries development. There have been over 70 Kenyan Tullow Scholarships since scheme started in Kenya in 2012.

For more information please visit the Tullow Group Scholarship Scheme website.