English for the Workplace

English is essential if you want to get ahead in today’s fast-paced global economy.

We are offering this free online course for learners of English to help you with the language you need to find a job and successfully function in the workplace. We’ve been teaching English for more than 75 years and have helped more than 100 million people in 100 different countries improve their English skills and build their confidence.

This three-week course is for people who are interested in developing English language skills for employability and workplace contexts. It will help job seekers and young professionals with the English they need.

Each week, we’ll focus on key aspects of English for the workplace. You’ll watch videos and listen to audio recordings of people searching and applying for jobs, preparing for interviews, taking interviews, starting their new job, and working with new colleagues. Throughout the course you’ll be asked to share your opinions, ideas and questions with other learners. The best way to get the most out of the course is to be prepared to join in and share your experiences.

The course starts on Monday 13 March and runs until 9 April, but you can join at any time.