February 2022

Statement on allegations in British Council Kenya office

An investigative process into alleged discriminatory practices at the British Council office in Kenya has concluded that there was no evidence of racial discrimination, bullying or harassment as complaints raised against staff members could not be substantiated.

In the course of the investigative process, the British Council identified opportunities for improvement of its operations in Kenya. These improvements include: the process for handling complaints, the management of staff performance and the management of redundancy processes. We will continue to learn lessons through open and honest appraisal and following this investigative process, we will look to strengthen our processes and training.

The British Council is proud to be an equal opportunities employer and draws its employees, including senior management, from within its country of operation. All the employees in our Kenya operation, with the exception of one individual, are Kenyan nationals, including five out of six members of the leadership team. The British Council takes seriously any allegation, however remote, of discrimination, racism, bullying and harassment, and proactively investigates them thoroughly and fairly.