"The British Council is aware of the allegations of discrimination and racism made in The Guardian article.The British Council takes these allegations very seriously. We operate in over 100 countries across the world and our values of equality, diversity and inclusion are at the heart of everything we do.

The British Council has investigated the matter. We are keeping avenues of engagement open with the author of the letter. The author of the letter has not been willing to be interviewed and has not yet provided evidence in support of the allegations.”  


  • The letter from the anonymous author was received on July 2021 and the British Council responded by initiating an investigation in August 2021. 
  • We are unclear who the individual is who sent the anonymous letter – they have not identified themselves. In one instance, an individual who recognised himself in the letter has come forward and informed us that he did not give his consent to be included in the letter. 
  • The investigator has outlined the scope of the investigation to the author of the letter and requested their engagement and availability for interview. They have not had any co-operation from the author. The author of the letter has not wanted to engage with us and so far, has not provided evidence to support their allegations. The British Council is still exploring every avenue of communication with them.  
  • We have robust internal mechanisms for addressing concerns and grievances on discrimination, racism, bullying and harassment. 
  • We are and have always been proud to be an equal opportunity employer. 
  • 98% of staff in the Kenya office are locally appointed. 
  • In regards to the letter which indicates “The head of communications and digital in the Kenya office who claimed they were forced out of their job and replaced by a white person who did not go through a competitive process despite having an exemplary record.  This complainant also claimed that a regional director had asked the interviewing panel to look beyond existing staff during the interviewing process. This case was being taken to an employment court in Kenya, it is claimed.” This has already been to court and the case was dismissed. The individual was replaced at the time by a black locally appointed Kenyan.