East African Creative Enterprise Workshop 

Dates: 14-18th March 2016 

Location: Kampala, Uganda 

The British Council has partnered with NESTA to deliver a Creative Enterprise Training in Kampala Uganda. This regional workshop creates the opportunity for creative from across East Africa to meet and build networks, gain access to teaching materials, and increased business skills for creative. The workshop creates an opportunity to engage online communities across the East Africa region on several questions around setting up a creative enterprise. 

Overview of Technical Skills 

Through the delivery of this workshop, participants will have a better understanding of how to: 

  • Identify the customers and relationships that they need to build 
  • Map out how their business will function 
  • Develop their marketing messages 
  • Use financial tools to monitor their business finances 

The workshop is suitable for creative entrepreneurs in the following industries. Advertising, architecture, art and antiques market, crafts (cultural, traditional, contemporary), design (corporate and domestic interiors, furniture, graphics, web-design), designer fashion (accessories, footwear, millinery), film and video, interactive leisure and software, music (writing, performing) performing arts (theatre, dance, comedy), literature, publishing (digital books, magazines), software and computer services, television and radio. 

Who we looking for 

We are looking for around 16 participants from 5 countries to participate in this training. They need to be a national of and living and working in either Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Rwanda or Ethiopia. 

The breakdown is intended to be as follows; 

8: Uganda (host country) 

2: Kenya 

2: Rwanda 

2: Tanzania 

2: Ethiopia 

Eligibility criteria: 

  • Highly motivated, driven, sociable, curious and independent learners will be well suited for this workshop. 
  • All applications must be submitted by the end of day, 15th February 2016 to the following email address: Eastafricaarts@britishcouncil.or.ke 
  • The selection of participants will be made by the British Council and in consultation with sector experts. 

If successful what will the British Council provide? 

  • Travel to Kampala from relevant other East African capital. 
  • Accommodation and meals for the duration of the training. 

Applicants must: 

  • Own or be the driving force in a young business in the cultural/ creative sector in its early stages and should be the key driver of the business 
  • Provide a brief biography, summarizing who you are and your work in the cultural/creative sector 
  • Submit a fully filled in application form available on the British Council site for download 

What is required from the successful applicants? 

  • Be available to take part in a five (5) day face-to-face workshop in Kampala March 2016 
  • Be prepared to partake in a mentoring programme after the conclusion of the workshop for a period of no less than three (3) months and no more than six (6) months 
  • Actively participate in all arranged meetings and events during the programme, in particular: 
  • Working closely with your mentor in meeting your mentoring plan as agreed at the onset of the mentoring programme 
  • To share with your mentor and other participants the progress you have made 
  • Be willing to also participate in peer learning to promote sharing and learning with other participants 
  • Give a five (5) minute presentation about your work 

For any and all enquiries write to Eastafricaarts@britishcouncil.or.ke.