The British Council and Premier League, together with UK and Kenyan partners, are delivering an innovative pilot programme using football to tackle issues of violence against women and girls in Kenya.

Building on the highly successful Premier Skills initiative and funded by the UK’s Department for International Development, Addressing Violence Against Women and Girls Through Football works with young people in Mount Elgon and Kisumu to address some of the behaviours and attitudes that give rise to high levels of violence against women and girls.

Over the three year funding period, the programme is focusing on adapting the community engagement models used by Premier League clubs in the UK to deliver regular community football sessions for young people in two regions of Kenya with a focus on the prevention of gender-based violence. 

The advocacy component of the programme will also include a multimedia campaign, the engagement of high profile champions to reinforce the programme's messages, and a series of capacity building and coordination workshops for key duty bearers and service providers in the two regions of Kenya where the programme is being delivered. The programme is focused on preventing violence against women and girls by shifting social norms and the advocacy component therefore aims to contribute to changing attitudes towards gender and violence as well as to reducing the stigma experience of women and girls in the community who are survivors of violence. This will involve engaging with community members beyond the coaches and the young people participating in the regular football and education sessions through community events, radio programmes and other behaviour change communication materials.

The programme includes a strong research and evaluation component to assess the programme’s impact and to build the evidence base and share learning on the effectiveness of addressing violence against women and girls through football.  The programme monitoring framework has been developed by Itad, who will also evaluate the intervention, and aims to embed a participative approach that enables all those involved to reflect on the programme's impact on a continuous basis and to adapt the delivery model to respond to results.

Local partners for the pilot project include ACORD, UN Women, Football Kenya Federation, AFC Leopards, and Moving the Goalposts Kilifi.  The programme will also work closely with the county governments in Bungoma and Kisumu counties.

The British Council is seeking to appoint a supplier whose scope of work will be as follows:

To develop, design, and deliver a contextualised and creative multimedia campaign on the prevention of violence against women and girls in Kenya in two counties of Kenya – Bungoma and Kisumu.

To promote the campaign at a national level through social media channels.

To carry out a risk assessment of the campaign and identify mitigation strategies where required to counteract any potential backlash. 

The campaign will be based on the data gathered through the programme’s baseline in each community and should be an integrated part of the wider Addressing Violence Against Women and Girls Through Football programme (described above) that is being delivered in both counties. 

The campaign should interact creatively with the programme’s activities and beneficiaries, as well as reaching those who are not part of the existing programme.  In particular, the campaign will be closely linked to and designed to reinforce and broaden the outcomes from the quarterly community activities being carried out in each programme region.

Clarification questions
Any questions should be submitted via e-mail to no later than 1200 noon Kenya time 6 May 2016

Supplier response
Please complete Annex 1 (ITB response) and submit it via e-mail to Tender.CreativeAgency@britishcouncil.or.keno later than 1200 Noon on 15th May 2016