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Next Generation Kenya is a joint project of the British Council and the UK Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office (FCDO)  through the East Africa Research Fund (EARF). It follows similar Next Generation projects in Tanzania, South Africa, Pakistan and Nigeria in researching the perceptions and aspirations of young people in countries experiencing youth bulges; producing recommendations for improved policies to capitalise on the potential of the next generation; and giving a voice to young people as they attempt to shape their countries’ future. The project combines policy-relevant research with a strategic communications campaign to disseminate the findings widely and use them to enhance young people’s ability to influence the policy environment.

Invitation to tender - literature reveiw on youth employment

The British Council is inviting research proposals/tenders from qualified researchers  to undertake literature review on youth employment in Kenya as part of the Next Generation Kenya Research project. As the first strand of the research, the literature review will be a systematic, critical review of the literature on youth employment in Kenya, which will be peer reviewed by the project’s Research Advisory Group and aim for publication in a peer-reviewed journal. A detailed description of the tender is as per the documents attached.

The research component of the project combines a review of the literature on the challenges facing young people in each country; quantitative attitudinal surveys; and qualitative research exploring young people’s views in depth.

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