Professional exams

Fly higher with UK professional qualifications 

We’re able to give you access to some of the most valuable UK based professional qualifications that will see your career soar. And you don’t need to leave the country to get the qualification.

Our staff will make sure you have a simple and straightforward experience, from the moment you register for your professional exam to the day you get your results. 

We’ll look after the whole process, from providing the exam venue and professionally trained supervisor to having your exams processed by the exam board. 

All you need to do is prepare for your exam and turn up on exam day. 

Who we partner with

You can study with several top professional bodies and take your exams in Kenya. We work with:

Please note that our Exchange Rate for the month of  October  2016 is Ksh. 132/= to £1

CIPS Fees : £60 for Certificate and £74 for Diploma 

For any other professional exams you would like to enquire about, please contact us.

How do you register?

It’s really easy to register for your professional exams. 

  1. First get in touch with your education institution and register your exam directly with them. You need to do this at least one month before your exam.
  2. Contact us to discuss the arrangements for sitting your exam with us.

How much does it cost?

Our fees depend on which exam you are taking – please contact us to find out how much it will cost to sit your exam.

Our fees do not include costs charged by the exam board. Please get in touch with the exam board to discuss their costs.  



Please read our refund policy document  below :