Do you work in a diverse multicultural environment? Do you collaborate with or oversee colleagues from different cultural backgrounds? Are you looking to expand your business internationally?

Being able to operate and communicate within different cultural contexts is fast becoming a definitive skill in today’s interconnected world. It is particularly essential in thriving hubs such as Kenya. The British Council’s Intercultural Fluency training is specially designed to equip participants with the understanding and techniques they need to work, communicate and collaborate more effectively with people from different cultures.

The training draws on the British Council’s 80 years of unrivalled experience of cultural relations and intercultural engagement across the globe.

Our practically focused, face-to-face courses are designed to deepen the intercultural awareness, increase the confidence, and strengthen the interpersonal skills of professionals at all levels, leading to a range of individual and business benefits.

Through a variety of interactive activities, participants gain a range of strategies they can immediately apply in the workplace to become more effective in the ways they collaborate, communicate and build relationships with people from different cultural backgrounds.

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