Universities, Employability and Inclusive Development: Re-positioning Higher Education in Kenya

In 2012, the British Council commissioned a three-year research project entitled Universities, Employability and Inclusive Development: Repositioning Higher Education, focused on university education and graduate employability in four Sub–Saharan African countries; Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria, South Africa, as well as the United Kingdom.

The research- which is the most substantial multi-country project on higher education and employability in sub-Saharan Africa to date- explored the role of higher education in fostering employability and developing just and prosperous societies. 

In Kenya, the study found employers associate the high numbers of unemployed graduates with the quality of training they receive from local universities, which has created a pool of unemployed graduates in a labour market that is experiencing skills shortages. While universities assert that the high number of unemployed are a lack of adequate job creation. At the same time African universities need to forge strong links with schools, employers and their alumni networks in order to improve employment chances for graduates. 

These are some of the findings of the report which can be downloaded below under our downloads section.