The opportunity to work or study abroad is incredibly exciting when you have big career goals! An IELTS test opens the doors to professional opportunities in English speaking countries like the UK, Canada and Australia. Preparing for the IELTS test is very important, even if you are comfortable with the English language. Try these tips to help you get your required band score for the Speaking Section of IELTS.

Plan your study sessions

Make sure you have plenty of time to prepare for IELTS ahead of your test date. The IELTS test consists of a Reading Section, Writing Section, Listening Section and Speaking Section. Spend more time on the sections you feel least confident about.

IELTS Ready Premium has helped thousands of test takers prepare for IELTS. Our most comprehensive preparation course enables you to create a personalised study plan so you can practice at your own pace. When you book your IELTS test with the British Council, you can access IELTS Ready Premium for free right up until your test date. Give yourself even more time to prepare with IELTS Ready Premium and book your test well in advance.

Find the best prep material

There are various ways you can prepare for the Speaking Section of IELTS. Watching TV shows and listening to the radio or podcasts in English can help you understand how to pronounce certain words and get used to the nuances of the language when it is spoken.  We also recommend relying on more formal study material to ensure you get the best possible band score in your IELTS test.

You can find interactive exercises related to the Speaking Section of IELTS when you access IELTS Ready Premium. The preparation course offers mock interviews, tips on pronunciation and even masterclasses you can attend to support you on your IELTS journey. 

Practice makes perfect 

The more you practice ahead of your test, the more confident you will be on test day! IELTS Ready Premium features more than 40 practice tests to help you prepare. The Speaking Section of IELTS takes just 15 minutes to complete so make sure you use every minute to make your best impression.

When you try our free practice tests for the Listening Section on IELTS Ready Premium, try to give as much detail as possible in your answers. Avoid one word answers because the examiners want to hear your vocabulary and sentence structure.

Triumph on test day  

Start by checking our Test Taker Portal to confirm the date of the Speaking Section of your IELTS test. It may take place one week before or after the rest of your IELTS test.  This section of the test may be given in person or online via video call depending on the booking you made.

The examiner will ask you several questions, some of which may turn into a two-way discussion related to topics you will be familiar with. You may be asked to describe a film you enjoyed or to talk about your hometown. Take deep breaths and a minute to think about what you want to say before you answer. Make sure you have fully answered the question and feel free to ask the examiner to repeat the question if you don’t understand.

When you access IELTS Ready Premium, you will have all the material you need to help you speak clearly and confidently during the Speaking Section of your IELTS test. Prepare for success with us today!